The company F.G. BIANCO started its activity in the sixties from the name and the idea of Francesco Giovanni Bianco, pioneer of the distribution of steel tubes in Italy.

Starting from then he has been preparing the ground for the creation of a group of companies, Bianco Group, today leader of the international distribution of steel tubes.

In 2000 TUBINDUSTRIA S.R.L. succeeded to F.G. BIANCO, introducing new products and services and enlarging the range of dimensions directly available from stock.

TUBINDUSTRIA S.R.L. is now the reference company of Bianco Group for the territory of Brescia, Verona and Mantua.

Today like yesterday seriousness, ability and competence have been essential requirements at the basis of our company. A wide range of products, immediate answers to customer needs, fast and punctual deliveries have always been our strength.

However the true value of our company is the collaboration with our customers pointed to offer solutions for every need. In TUBINDUSTRIA SRL every customer is a name with a story, someone to know and to support.

Tubindustria S.r.l. - Via Don Maestrini, 57 • 25020 Flero (BS) Italy • P.IVA 02050830179